One & Only Dolls Barbie Gallery

Tansy, Midge Doll Fairy makeover
Cupid's Courier
Smudge, OOAK lea Fashion Doll Fairy Makeover
Brighid, OOAK Shamrock Fairie, Skipper Makeover
Sunspot, OOAK Barbie Makeover
Princess Crystalain, OOAK Faery Shakira Fashion Doll Repaint & Makeover
Sweet Tooth Fairy
Weed, Pesky Fairy Sprite, Barbie Makieover & Repaint
Shae, OOAK Midge Makeover
Wynne, Mattel Cinderella Fairy Sprite repaint & Makeover
Glynys, OOAK Fashion Doll Faery Makeover
Frostbite, OOAK Costumed Repaint Faery Makeover
Pink Confection, OOAK Fashion Doll Makeover
Anu, 4 Leaf Clover Fairy, Fashion Fever Drew OOAK Makeover
Merilin, OOAK Pocahontas Fairy Makeover
Titania, Queen of the Faeries
 Piper, OOAK  Cali Girl Christie fairy Makeover & repaint Twyla, Star Catcher Sprite, OOAK Cali Girl Barbie Makeover
Madelayne, OOAK Fairy
Aislinn  Titch, OOAK Cindereaal Fashion doll Makeover
My Scene Creations
Lumina, My Night Light Fairy, My Scene Fashion Doll Makeover My Evening Star Fairy, My Scene Madison Black Ice my Scene Nolie Makeover, 2nd place Winner at the International fashin Doll Convention, Winter Fantasy My Winter Dreams Fairy, My Scene Barbie
Dahlia, My Summer Meadow Fairy, My Scene Fashion Doll Makeover
Calysta, OOAK MY Scene madison Faery Makeover
Isabeau, OOAK Fairie, My Scene Makeover
Theoni, OOAK My Scene Madison Faery Makeover & Repaint
Rhoslyn, Gossamer Rose Faery   Yvaine, The Star from Stardust, OOAK My Scene Barbie Makeover & Repaint
Dylis, OOAK My Scene Chelsie Fairy Makeover

These are the first creations by  my very talented youngest daughter Trish Coughlan
Forget-Me-Not, My Scene OOAK Fairy Fashion Doll Repaint & Makeover
Black Widow, OOAK My Scene Nolee Goth Faery Makeover by Trish Coughlan

These dolls have been sold. Check the Salesroom for available dolls.

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